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Koni is a minimalist and contemporary lampshade that can fit in different atmospheres. Koni Lamp gives its surroundings a refined and cozy appearance with its weaving method and eminently appealing structure.


Inspired by traditional weaving and made of a single sheet of vegetable-tanned leather that is woven into a solid conical shape, Koni was made constructively thanks to the unique characteristics of vegetable-tanned leather. It is solid, sturdy, and durable. The shade's construction is clearly demonstrated by the obvious joinery with brass studs and partial weaving, which exhibits the passion for the crafting process.


Koni, which can be used in office rooms, dining tables and many other areas, gives just the right amount of light with its geometric shape. The light source of Koni is E27. Any E27 light bulb can be used with Koni lamp and the lightbulb can be inserted and change very easily by the user.


Koni is offered in three color options and two sizes. The lampshade is available in brown, black, and navy blue and the brass studs have three finishing alternatives: chrome, gold and black.


Koni lamp is a DIA (Design Intelligence Award) 2022 winner.


KONI gold

  • Romy Kühne